Frequently Asked Questions

As you are looking at summer camps for your children many questions will come to mind. Here are some of our most frequently asked. You can always contact our office for any additional information!

Packing List

  • 1 – bathing suit
  • 1 – towel
  • 1 – pair of sandals
  • 1 – pair of sneakers to be worn on Scary Aerie* day (long, bermuda style shorts or pants also to be worn on Scary Aerie* day)
  • 1 – ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name containing a full change of clothes (t-shirt, shorts, underwear and socks)
  • 1 – water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Hat
  • Weather dependant attire: rain jacket/poncho, light jacket or sweatshirt

Please label all items and place them in a back pack also labeled with your childs name.

*Scary Aerie is our climbing wall, your child will have the opportunity to climb once per week.

How do I register for camp?
  1. Click on an Enroll Now! icon anywhere on our site. If you are a returning camper, click Parent Login.
  2. Begin to fill out the camper application. Please use legal guardians' first/last name and email.
  3. Create a Username and Password.
  4. Continue to complete the 6 page application. Click Submit at the end. You should receive a notification "APPLICATION SUBMITTED".
How do I know if my application was received went through?
  • After you have submitted your application form online, please allow up to THREE (3) business days for your application to be processed. You will receive an email stating that your credit card has been charged for the DEPOSIT only.
  • In order to pay for the remaining tuition balance please refer to PAYMENT PROCESS for camp under FAQs.
How do I log into my account?
  1. Please Click on the Parent Login on the home page of this website.
  2. There just enter your email and password you used to fill out your application.
What if I forget my password?
  1. Try logging in with your email address
  2. If you do not know your password click the "Set/Reset Password" link to have a password emailed to the email address that's on file with the account.
What paperwork is required to attend camp?
We have FOUR (4) required forms to be completed prior to camp:

Health History

  • Please complete all information on this form, this is general information about your child to be filled out by the parents or legal guardian. You will not be able to submit an incomplete form.
  • We require all campers have health insurance to attend camp so please make sure this portion is filled out completely.
  • We ask to have 2 emergency contacts, this should be 2 people other than the parents. International Day Camp will call the parents first in the case of an emergency and only if the parents are unreachable IDC will contact the emergency contact. This should be someone who can get in touch with you if needed.

Media Release

  • IDC has professional photographers on site to photograph all the fun activities going on at camp.
  • You must select that you agree to the terms and conditions, explained on the form – or do not give permission for photographs, then sign and date the form.
  • These photos are available for purchase through our camp website (click the parents tab then the camera icon, a password is given to the parents just prior to the start of your camp week).

Pick Up Authorization

  • You must add any and all names of individuals who may pick up your child at camp, this is to include the parents names as well.
  • Day Camp staff will check the photo ID of everyone who comes to pick up the campers and their name must be on the list in order to leave with your child.

Tuition Insurance

  • This form gives information on the available insurance in the case you must cancel camp.
  • On this form you must either state that you purchased the insurance and give the ID# or you must sign that you understand our refund policy and are still NOT going to purchase the insurance.
  • Please refer to our Tuition Insurance page for more information.
How do I fill out/complete paperwork for my camper?
  1. Click the “Parent Login” on the home page
  2. Enter your email/username and password
  3. Scroll down and click on Form and Documents
  4. Click on each document to fill it out
  5. Work through each document until "form has been submitted" pops up on your screen.
What is the Payment Process for tuition balance after deposit?
All tuition balances will be automatically charged the credit card on file in your parent account on May 1st. If you wish to make payments before May 1st please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the parent login on the home page of the website
  2. Enter your username/email and password to login.
  3. Scroll down and click on Financial Management (the fourth icon down)
  4. Click on the "use card" under the credit card logos.
  5. If you need to use a different credit card then the one that is listed please click the "add a credit card" link.
  6. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "make payment"
  7. Enter the amount you would like to pay at this time
  8. Click the "make payment" at the lower right end of the screen.
What are the options when signing up for camp?
You must sign up for a minimum of one week (Monday through Friday), but you may also sign up for multiple weeks or the entire 10 weeks.
What time is drop off and pick up?
Your camper will be dropped off at 9 AM and picked up at 4 PM.
What if I need to drop my camper off earlier than 9 AM or pick them up later than 4 PM?
See our Dates and Fees page for more information.
What do the children eat at lunch?
We always have a salad bar and deli station to make sandwiches and wraps as well as hot food items that change daily.
Are the day campers able to do gymnastics?
Our day campers have a chance to enjoy the gyms each day; they rotate during the week to each of our 5 gyms. They do have the opportunity to get on the equipment and try a little gymnastics. Our Day Camp Staff is trained by our coaches on safe and fun activities that all campers can enjoy.
What do we need to bring to camp?
Please see our Packing List above.
Does my child need to be potty trained?
Yes, the minimum age for day camp is 4 years of age. All children must be potty trained prior to coming to camp.
What can campers do on rainy days?
International Day Camp has planned for this type of weather! We have several facilities where our campers can stay dry and have fun. We have the Bear Den which is a large covered area; where the campers will play group games, story time and karaoke to name a few. We also take our campers to the dance gym for fun relay races or view a movie on our big screen TV.
Do you have lifeguards for the pool and lake areas?
Yes, we have lifeguards certified by the American Red Cross. There are always 2 lifeguards on duty in the pool and lake areas.
Do we have to pack a snack for our children?
You do not need to pack any food for your child; International Day Camp does provide a snack in the afternoon for all campers.
We've signed up for Early Drop Off/Late Pick Up, are the campers provided breakfast/dinner?
Yes, if you sign up for either Early Drop Off or Late Pick Up your child will be provided breakfast, which begins at 7:30 and/or dinner which starts at 5:15.